Slang, Jargon, Cultural History…

IMG_1609 (1) (800x628)I have been writing, teaching and broadcasting about new language and linguistic and cultural change for three decades. I have compiled dictionaries and written cultural histories and biographies and founded The Slang and New Language Archive at King’s College London, a resource for scholars, the media and language enthusiasts which I still ┬ácurate today.

I want to use this new site to publish updates in the form of comments, articles, podcasts and links, but also to share archived content from the past in the hope that it is still of interest (and in the knowledge that language-and-culture controversies don’t date as quickly as some people think).

I’m always collecting new terms, expressions and usages, but, unlike some linguists and many lexicographers I’m not interested only in the form and function of words. I want also to explore the emotional, psychological and social effects of language and the feelings and motives of those who use it.

Please do contact me to donate new words and ideas,┬áto ask for information or to comment, criticise or suggest new areas to investigate. I’m also a consultant for trademarking, brand-names, the language of advertising and language-related legal matters.

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