The Cool Feedback Quartet

For a change, a musical interlude. My Parisian friends asked me to provide ‘uncompromising’ sleevenotes for their latest collaboration…

Une magnifique chronique de l’album par Tony Thorne, les Anglais tirent en premier, une fois de plus!

A pitiless evocation of De Chirico’s nostalgia of the infinite, a protestation of faith amidst urban modernity’s frozen disorder. The Cool Feedback Quartet’s post-rock psycho-lament is nothing if not a political gesture, an aural affirmation by way of machine-clash, electro-glide and plangent melody, set against the visual markers of crane and vapour-trail, rail and silo…that the future is out of date.

Vindictive vignettes of the dystopia in which we wheel, dive and bump against the plateglass like tanked fish, chatter like caged birds while jets scream…and the pistons and steam-hammers of metropolis clank. In suburban park wastelands lost lovers recoil from superdiversity’s shabby embrace…


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